Brian's Wantlist

My favorite player growing up was Pirate shortstop Frank Taveras (sorry he will never be a Met or an Expo to me).   He was fast and a hard player--my favorite stat is that one of his 2 career home runs was an inside the park grand slam!!  I am interested in any oddball or other items about Frank that can be stored in a binder.

Cards Needed

1974 OPC #607 

1975 OPC #277 

1975 OPC #460 

1975 Topps #460 (NL Championship) 

1975 Topps Mini #460 (NL Championship) 

1976 OPC #36 

1976 SSPC 583 (Need 2)

1977 Burger Chef Fun Meal Discs

1978 OPC #4 (SB leaders)

1980 OPC #237 

1981 All Star Game Program Inserts 

1981 OPC #343 

1981 OPC Gray Back #343 

1981 Topps Stickers #196 

1982 Expos Postcards 

1982 Hygrade Meats Expos #22 

1982 Topps Blackless (missing signature on front) #782 

1991 Nobody Beats the Wiz Mets #396 

1974-1982 Topps Completed 1982 Topps Traded Completed 1981-82 Fleer Completed 1981-1982 Donruss completed


Any oddball items that would fit in a binder that feature Frank Taveras (photos --articles etc.)

Dave Kingman

Dave was another favorite-- especially after Taveras became a Met!!

1976 SSPC 542
1977 Topps Cloth sticker 024
1978 Hostess 026
1979 Hostess 146
1980 Topps 240
1981 Topps Traded 781
1984 Topps Traded 063T

Jim Davenport

My neighbor was close friends with Jim.  I provided him with a bunch that he sent on to his family.

Johnny Callison

Have heard/read a bunch about him from OBCer Rick Svetecz

Jim Gentile

Great Oriole-- OBCer Ed Schott was my inspiration

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