Brian's Wantlist

My oddball collection consists cards showing Bunts-Multiple Bats or Bat Racks- think they look pretty cool so why not!  The list below is all encompassing-- so if I have missed a vintage please tell me!!  The UV I will add as I get them.

If the card is listed in WHITE-- I need it  RED- have it

1950 Bowman: 180(Walker)

1951 Bowman 211(Jeffcoat) 302(Busby)

1952 Bowman 052(Rizzuto)

1952 Topps 028 (Priddy) 065(Slaughter) 111(Lowrey) 129(Mize) 147(Young) 296(Rolfe)

1953 Bowman Color 009(Rizzuto) 010(Ashburn) 025(Evers) 032(Musial) 048(Sauer) 081(Slaughter) 103(Ennis) 104(Easter) 159(Vernon) 

1954 Topps 018(Dropo) 034(Rivera) 045(Ashburn) 077(Boone) 222(Wilson)

1954 Bowman 001(Rizzuto) 103(Souchuck) 175(Clark)

1955 Topps 005(Gilliam) 125(Boyer) 150(Higgins)

1955 Bowman 025(Minoso) 031(Temple) 040(Wertz) 041(Clark) 118(Adams) 204(Bolling) 

1956 Topps 016(Lopez) 237(Valdevielso)

1957 Topps 045(Furillo) 054(Valo) 070(Ashburn) 205(Maxwell) 253(Zernial) 289(Bolger)

1958 Topps 032(Porter)

1959 Topps 134(McDaniel) 261(Stephens) 351(Torgeson)

1960 Topps 241(Pearson)

1960 Fleer: 027(Appling) 038(Mize) 

1961 Topps 390(Crandall) 445(Malzone) 503(Francona) 583(Crandall AS)

1961 Golden Press 030(Speaker)

1961 Fleer: 122(Lyons) 

1962 093(Blanchard) 157(Covington) 217(Alston) 425(Yaz)

1963 Topps 043(Veteran masters) 051(Alusik) 052(Schilling) 064(McCauliffe) 174(Burright) 192(Dalrymple) 260(Gentile) 405(Robinson) 548(Satriano)

1964 Topps 015(Versailles) 022(Adair) 425(Cash) 431(Alusik) 435(Daviliio) 478(Howser)

1965 Topps 237 (Allen) 498(Stephens) 514(Azcue)

1966 Topps: 104(Johnson) 127(Berry) 141(McGraw) 163(Francona) 175(Campaneris) 232(Beckert)

1967 Topps: 69(Davillio) 170(McCaullife) 193(cardenal) 223(Ryan) 343(Satriano) 358(Amaro) 363(Johnson) 444(Smith)

1968 Topps: 023(Cardenas) 098(Sutherland) 170(Fregosi) 213(Ruiz) 399(Oyler)

1969 Topps: 078(Satriano) 356(Quilci) 365(Fregosi) 442(Kline) 603(Keough)

1970 Topps: 048(Garrido) 049(Cullen) 089(Rios) 094(Patek) 104(Moses) 147(Hermoso) 150(Killebrew) 213(Etchbarren) 223(Oliver) 238(LaBoy) 269(Guiterriz) 292 (Leon) 324(Taylor) 326(Voss) 336(Unser) 391(Brown) 413(Jackson) 485(Johnstone) 489(Kasko) 506(Stroud) 537(Morgan) 545(Harrellson) 567(Oliver) 718(Spezio)

1971 Topps: 020(jackson) 033(Unser) 057(Joshua) 167(Grieve) 244(Tillman) 279(Phillips) 378(Fuentes) 435(Cardenal) 445(Geronimo) 533(ryan) 587(Jackson) 590(Johnson) 644(Stewart) 686(Ruiz) 702(Ramirez)

1972 Topps: 075(Campaneris) 077(Theobold) 186(Bryant) 254(Day) 366 (Rosario) 406(Hendrick) 443(Henderson) 502(Hernandez) 590(Nettles) 

1973 Topps: 137(Beauchamp) 393(Cardenal) 427(Auerbach) 

1974 Topps: 272(Casanova) 300(Rose) 467(Llenas) 591(Jackson) 

1975 Topps: 395(Harrellson) 597(Llenas) 

1976 Topps: 052(Chalk) 229(Remy) 289(Hernandez) 323(Sperring) 580(Campaneris)

1977 Topps: 180(Lopes) 355(Brock) 437(Kiner) 635(Yount)

1978 Topps: 152(DeJesus) 335(Dent) 452(Mumphrey) 591(Zeber) 

1979 Topps: 016(Stanley) 053(Kelleher) 146(Kuiper) 254(Gomez) 366 (Bernhardt) 552(Morales) 607(Moreno)

1980 Topps: 080(LeFlore) 218(Morales) 232(Trammell) 448(Wohlford)


1989 Upper Deck: 0182(Mack)

1989 Donruss: 246 446

1990 Target Dodgers: 262 (Furillo) 358(Hopp)

1990 Score: 041

1991 Donruss: 108 150 303 309 375 383 512 595 599 604 659 668 

1992 Upper Deck: 288

1992 Donruss Triple play 163 

1993 Leaf: 242

1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice: 163

1998 Bowman: 162(Fitzgerald)

2000 Fleer Ultra: 049

2000 UD Black Diamond Rookie Edition: 043(Biggio)

2004 Upper deck First Pitch: 174

2007 Topps: 159 171

2008 Upper deck First Edition: 084

2009 Topps: 390(Votto)


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