Yes--Thanks to a huge box from Ed Schott I have decided to add a few "almost vintage" Pirate sets to my collection.  NOTE--I do not typically have UV cards to swap--if you're interested in trading it will most likely have to be vintage in return--thanks for looking!!: 6/9 John Stamper kills 3 UV sets to finish Pirates through 1991!!

1981 Topps Complete! 

1982 Topps COMPLETE

1982 Fleer DONE

1982 Donruss  COMPL:ETE

1983 Topps  COMPLETE

1983 Donruss COMPLETE

1984 Topps  COMPLETE  

1985 Topps  COMPLETE

1986 Topps COMPLETE

1987 Topps COMPLETE

1988 Topps COMPLETE

1989 Topps COMPLETE

1990 Fleer COMPLETE

1990 Topps   COMPLETE

1991 Donruss COMPLETE

1991 Topps Finished!

1992-2000 Coming soon

2001-2015 Hold off on these for now please--thanks!!

*= card is on the way

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