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Why not.  One obscure pre-war set that will probably never get a hit and some fun stuff- bunts-bats and racks :).

1932 Bulgaria Sport Photos

HAVE 066 102 121 122 129 131 246 All so far from Linda and Tim Fitak!!

1932 Monopol-Sportphotos

Have 246 294 326    All so far from Linda and Tim Fitak!!

1932 Sanella

Have: ? Runners with letter T on front

Cards showing Bunts-Multiple Bats or Bat Racks

1951 Bowman 302(Busby)

1952 Bowman 052(Rizzuto)

1952 Topps 065(Slaughter) 111(Lowrey) 129(Mize) 147(Young) 296(Rolfe)

1953 Bowman Color 010(Ashburn) 032(Musial)

1954 Topps 018(Dropo) 034(Rivera) 045(Ashburn) 077(Boone) 222(Wilson)

1954 Bowman 175(Clark)

1955 Topps 005(Gilliam) 125(Boyer) 150(Higgins)

1955 Bowman 025(Minoso) 031(Temple) 118(Adams)

1956 Topps 016(Lopez) 237(Valdevielso)

1957 Topps 045(Furillo) 054(Valo) 070(Ashburn) 205(Maxwell) 253(Zernial) 289(Bolger)

1958 Topps 032(Porter)

1959 Topps 134(McDaniel) 261(Stephens) 351(Torgeson)

1960 Topps 241(Pearson)

1961 Topps 390(Crandall) 445(Malzone) 503(Francona) 583(Crandall AS)

1961 Golden Press 030(Speaker)

1962 093(Blanchard) 157(Covington) 217(Alston) 425(Yaz)

1963 Topps 043(Veteran masters) 051(Alusik) 052(Schilling) 064(McCauliffe) 174(Burright) 192(Dalrymple) 260(Gentile) 405(Robinson) 548(Satriano)

1964 Topps 015(Versailles) 022(Adair) 425(Cash) 431(Alusik) 435(Daviliio) 478(Howser)

1965 Topps 237 (Allen) 498(Stephens) 514(Azcue)

1966 Topps: 104(Johnson) 127(Berry) 141(McGraw) 163(Francona) 232(Beckert)

1967 Topps: 69(Davillio) 170(McCaullife) 193(cardenal) 223(Ryan) 343(Satriano) 358(Amaro) 363(Johnson) 444(Smith)

1968 on coming soon!!

HAVE: 1990 Target Dodgers Furillo Hopp (Thanks Linda and Tim Fitak)


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